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7 technology predictions for 2019

imgtec.com blog, Dec. 21, 2018 – 

It's the time of year again when Imagination once again gazes into its crystal ball to see if we can discern what will be coming our way in 2019 – and if you want to see how our 2018 predictions fared, check out our blog post: Right or wrong? Looking back at our 2018 predictions.

Autonomous vehicles: The robo-taxi will become a reality in 2019 and convoys of semi-autonomous lorries will appear on highways

The robo-taxi is absolutely on course for introduction in the 2019 timeframe. There are many invested parties and joint ventures targeting the introduction of these self-driving vehicles, with the likes of Volvo, Ford, Lyft, DiDi, Daimler, GM and Uber aggressively driving this market forward. As for the mass market; that time when you'll be able to walk into the showroom and 'drive' out with an autonomous car, the jury is still out. Those with large investments to recoup are bullish, while more conservative elements are seeing the beginning of the S-curve pushed out a few years. All-in-all, it looks like there will be interesting times ahead in the automotive space and a very dynamic few years are in store for both the industry and potential car and/or taxi users.

The technology used in autonomous vehicles will not only change the way cars and trucks are driven, but also the financial landscape of how vehicles are bought, operated and insured. This will have just as radical an impact as the technology under the bonnet or behind the dashboard.

Looking specifically at lorries, in 2019 we will start to see convoys of semi-autonomous lorries on UK motorways. The leading lorry will be controlled by a human driver and humans will also control the steering in the lorries behind – just not the acceleration and braking.

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