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7 Predictions for AI in 2019

Artificial Intelligence is a vast field with many unknowns, but it's not hard to predict a few things that will or should happen in 2019 with the part of it that is deep learning.

eetimes.com, Dec. 26, 2018 – 

We've gotten sloppy in our language. It's convenient to use AI as a short hand for deep learning – and it gets good hits in headlines. But these days general AI – machines learning on their own like curious humans browsing in a book store – is still more science fiction than science.

What's spreading like wildfire through the Internet these days are deep neural networks, a special case of AI based on processes typically initiated by people. The ability of deep-learning techniques to recognize patterns in images, speech and other areas – often faster than people can – has opened a door to a whole new direction in computing. Where this goes long term is anyone's guess.

What's clear is over the last year or two lots of people have boarded this train, where ever it's bound. For what it's worth, it's not too hard to see a handful of the next few stops this train likely will make.

1. Accelerators will get traction

As we reported in September, at least four of the new accelerators for training deep learning neural networks are now sampling. Web giants have been hungry for these chips for some time. As Baidu research Greg Diamos told us in late 2016, the job of training machine learning models "is limited by compute, if we had faster processors we'd run bigger models."

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