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Xilinx's New FPGAs Address Evolving Threats, Fake ICs

EE Times (November 27, 2018)

FPGA pioneer Xilinx is targeting a range or military and space applications with its latest generation of “defense-grade’ programmable logic chips, including expanded military use of machine learning and AI applications as well as securing devices at the network edge.

Along with standard features like a ruggedize packaging and resistance to temperature extremes, Xilinx said its latest generation of military grade systems designated XQ also includes anti-counterfeiting and reliability features for systems that must often operate for decades.

Xilinx IP Cores

The chip maker’s programmable logic devices are already integrated into front-line weapons such as the F-35 fighter, and Xilinx is stressing the security and anti-counterfeiting features of its latest FPGAs and SoCs based on its Ultrascale architecture. The “Xynq” portfolio of programmable silicon for harsh military and space applications includes new multiprocessor and RF SoCs with an emphasis on scaling and security. The chip maker is promoting those security and anti-counterfeiting features for emerging machine learning applications like autonomous systems that must process data locally while remaining hack-proof.

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Xilinx's New FPGAs Address Evolving Threats, Fake ICs


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