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Zhuhai Chuangfeixin Introduces eNOR Embedded Flash Memory IP Solution and SPI NOR Flash Products on 65nm Floating-Gate Flash Process

Nov. 27, 2018 – 

Zhuhai, China -- November 15, 2018 -- Zhuhai Chuangfeixin Technology Co., Ltd. ("CFX"), a one-stop shop of memory IP and memory chip provider, announced the production release of embedded flash IP and stand-alone NOR flash products.

CFX's floating gate eNOR flash memory macro and SPI NOR flash are silicon characterized and qualified on Huali Microelectronics Corporation 65nm Floating Gate technology. The eNOR macro and SPI NOR flash have demonstrated to achieve 10 years of data retention reliability and passed 1000hours of burn-in reliability tests. The CFX's floating gate eNOR IP and SPI NOR flash are cost optimized in terms of area and density, reliability and performance. The eNOR IP is ready to be ported to any other foundries..

"With our floating gate based eNOR flash memory IP and stand-alone SPI NOR flash products fully qualified in Huali's 65nm floating gate flash technology, CFX is able to expand our IP and Flash business not only in local Chinese market but also to serve oversea design houses. Our technology has such advantages as ultra-high reliability and security, automotive grade operation temperature range (-45℃to 125℃), high speed, ultra-low power, high density and low program voltages. It provides high performance and cost effective solution to our customers" commented by Dr. George Wang, President and CEO of Zhuhai Chuangfeixin Technology Co., Ltd.

Embedded Flash IP Cores

ABOUT Zhuhai Chuangfeixin Technology Inc.

Zhuhai Chuangfeixin Technology Co., Ltd. is a one-stop shop of memory IP and memory chip provider with its headquarter at Zhuhai China. CFX’s embedded flash eNOR, Antifuse OTP, and MTP IP technologies provide most competitive memory macro size and most reliable performance to its customers. The eNOR, Antifuse OTP, and MTP IP core are CMOS process compatible, and its implementation does not require special process optimization or additional process steps. CFX’s memory IPs and stand-alone memory chip products are already in volume production at multiple leading semiconductor fabrication foundries.

For additional information on Zhuhai Chuangfeixin, please visit www.cfx-techcom

Zhuhai Chuangfeixin eNOR embedded Flash Memory IP Solution and SPI NOR Flash Qualified in 65nm Floating-Gate Flash Process


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