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Gear Radio Introduces Complete Bluetooth 5 Low-Power IP Solution for IoT SoC Applications

Hsinchu, Taiwan -- Nov 21, 2018 - Gear Radio Electronics Corp., Asia’s leading RF IP design company, has announced the launch of its complete Bluetooth 5 low-power IP, which includes the link layer and the use of UMC’s 55nm ultra-low power embedded flash memory technology PHY. Gear Radio’s Bluetooth solution complies with the latest Bluetooth 5 specification, including Long Range. The link layer features advanced data encryption and random number generators for authenticated secure wireless connections, with a PHY output power rating of up to 6 - 10 dBm to achieve a wider coverage area. The RF IP area is 0.6 mm2 and its low power design includes world-class anti-interference indicators to serve IoT System-on-Chip (SoC) applications, providing customers with smaller area and lower power consumption to help chip designers integrate wireless connectivity systems for applications such as wearables and smart homes.

T.H. Lin, director of IP Development and Design Support Division at UMC, said, “To add high-efficiency wireless connectivity to customers’ IoT products, we need reliable, compact and low-power Bluetooth IP solutions. We are pleased to cooperate with Gear Radio on this newly released Bluetooth 5 low-power IP solution to provide customers with better performance, lower power consumption, and easy integration into customer SoC designs. In addition, UMC provides a clear migration path for future product evolution, from our 55nm platform to ultra-low power consumption technologies on 40nm, 28nm and 22nm.”

Guo Bingjie, general manager of Gear Radio Electronics Corporation, said: “Our Bluetooth 5 low-power IP is a complete solution that provides customers with one-stop quality service. Using our solutions can more effectively shorten the development time of customers’ products. We are happy to partner with UMC to support customers around the world and develop low-power RF IP under this excellent process platform. In the future, we will continue to evolve and develop our IP according to market demand and latest specifications. “

Bluetooth 5 IP Cores

About Gear Radio

Gear Radio Electronics Corp. is a wireless RF IC design and service company. It has integrated circuit design experience and a passionate RF technology development partner team that can design a complete RF solution. The entire team has extensive design experience and has design capabilities for all frequency bands in RF applications. We can provide design services for any RF application from 1GHz to commercial 2.4GH to UHF. In addition, we have extensive production experience from 110nm to 28nm process nodes. We have been studying technology in depth and have issued a number of patents. While meeting customer needs, we are constantly pursuing excellence in technology and breakthroughs.

Gear Radio Introduces Complete Bluetooth 5 Low-Power IP Solution for IoT SoC Applications


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