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SoC designers now have more choice from Arm with its secure foundation and Corstone IP

Updates for Arm's system design kits - Why you need a tailored secure foundation at the heart of your next IoT product

Nov. 02, 2018 – 

We launched Arm System Design Kits with a simple goal - to make it easier, cheaper and faster for designers to build secure SoCs. The demand for smart, connected products has been growing rapidly, and so has the variety and complexity of IoT applications. Our System Design Kits have been evolving to support more advanced applications, such as machine learning at the edge.

To reflect the growing complexity and variety of IoT applications, and to answer the need for a complete system approach, we are introducing a new umbrella solution called Arm secure foundation, and a new brand to replace the System Design Kits: Arm Corstone foundation IP.

The goal is to provide a foundation built on the Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA) principles, that our partners can extend and differentiate for a diverse range of end applications. This secure foundation brings together the necessary hardware, software and tools to accelerate product development, reduce risk and importantly, enable software development on a standardized architecture.

In the future, will everything be smart and connected?

The IoT world is growing at a breath-taking pace, with one trillion devices projected to be in use by 2035.

The increasing diversity and complexity of IoT applications creates more challenges to SoC designers, and these are no longer limited to time and cost. More complexity means significant integration and validation effort, huge investments, and extensive engineering resource requirements with high-level skills. Security can no longer be an afterthought and implementing it is becoming more and more complex too, as the scale of the systems makes them harder to protect against attacks.

Designers must also grapple with device specific requirements which vary significantly across device types, from a low cost ultra-constrained sensor to a high performance edge gateway.

For example, a temperature sensor would require very limited processing abilities whereas a smart security camera may need significant processing capabilities at the edge for object detection before sending alerts to the cloud rather than sending every frame of video.

For IoT to scale up, we need solutions instead of individual pieces of IP. Furthermore, we need to provide designers with the right solutions for their type of device; solutions that address their application requirements in a targeted way, whilst helping to speed time-to-market, reduce overall cost and ensure system-wide security.

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