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Meet grandma’s new friend: her robot

ARM blog, Oct. 04, 2018 – 

For the aged, social isolation can be a problem with many unfortunate consequences. Loneliness, for instance, can increase the risk of depression, overall mortality, long-term illness and vastly reduce the quality of life.

Combatting the golden years with technology

Fortunately, issues faced by aging populations are often top of mind among technology innovators who are developing countless applications and services to combat the physical and emotional challenges of the "golden years."

Introducing ElliQ

Take, ElliQ, for example. ElliQ is a robotic companion that learns its owner’s behavior patterns and then suggests activities, music, videos, and ebooks to engage with family and friends to connect with through social media. In short order, robots have evolved from bumping around our floors vacuuming up dust and dirt to serving as human companions.

This is all thanks to clever engineering combined with relentless silicon and software improvements that are enabling more and more AI and machine learning applications to be done in edge devices.

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