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M31 Technology's Diversified TSMC 28HPC+ ULL Memory Compilers Empower More Flexible SoC Design Architecture

Hsinchu, Taiwan - October 2nd, 2018 - M31 Technology Corporation (Taiwan stock code: 6643), a global Silicon Intellectual Property (IP) boutique, today announced that it has developed a diversified TSMC 28HPC + Ultra-Low Power (ULL) Memory Compiler IP portfolio that provides customers with more flexibility in their SoC design.

“TSMC’s 28HPC+ ULL memory bit-cell provides further leakage reduction for mainstream smart phones, mobile devices, IoT, audio and SoC applications”, said Suk Lee, TSMC Senior Director, Design Infrastructure Marketing Division. “The combination of TSMC’s leading 28HPC+ process and M31 IP enables customers to realize the benefits of optimal performance and power in developing their cutting-edge products."

Willis Shih, the Vice President of M31 Technology's Fundamental Development Department, said: “M31 Technology has launched a number of TSMC 28HPC+ ultra-low-power memory compiler IP portfolios this year, in contrast to the past when only a set of standard IP practices could be provided to customers. This solution enables customers to have more flexibility in the choice of their design architecture. The TSMC 28HPC+ Ultra-Low Power memory compilers developed by M31 can combine TSMC ULL SRAM bit-cell with different logic components to meet various levels of low power consumption or speed performance for customers’ diversified product design needs."

M31 Technology provides memory compilers with a variety of TSMC components, such as High Density Cell or High Current Cell, according to customers’ design requirements. This provides customers the option of either an optimized low-power IP combination, or an IP combination at various speed modes, helping them get the most out of their product design capabilities, including:

M31 28HPC+ Memory Compiler IP solutions include a complete set of Green Low Power memory compilers, comprised of “One Port Register File,” “Two Port Register File,” “High Density Single Port SRAM Compiler,” “High Density Dual Port SRAM Compiler,” and “High Density VIA ROM Compiler.”

M31's innovative TSMC 28HPC+ IP solution, enables SoC designers to achieve lower power consumption, higher performance and smaller area in smart device products design. These product applications include mobile video, drone/vehicle, automotive electronics, and GPS positioning. In the future, M31 Technology will continue to develop high-quality products based on the spirit of ultimate technology for the global IC industry.

About M31 Technology

M31 Technology Corporation is a leading silicon intellectual property (IP) provider. The company was founded in October, 2011 with its headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan. M31’s strength is in its R&D and customer services. With substantial successful experiences in IP development, IC design and electronic design automation fields, M31 focuses on high-speed interface IP, memory compilers, standard cell library and ESD/IO library solutions. For more information please visit www.m31tech.com

M31 Technology's Diversified TSMC 28HPC+ ULL Memory Compilers Empower More Flexible SoC Design Architecture


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