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Verification Trends Enabling A 5G Future

Aug. 23, 2018 – Applications have driven requirements for verification for quite some time now, as I have written previously regarding Aero & Defense, AI and Machine Learning and the Internet of Things. In wireless communication, we are just at the brink of the transition to Fifth Generation Networks, or 5G. This transition will not only lead to new applications and use models that will impact our day-to-day lives, but also lead to a new set of verification challenges.

Since mobile phones were just that in the 1990s–phones that we could take with us–we have experienced significant advances in communication networks from 1G analog all the way to 4G networks with up to 50Mbit/s data rates with less than 100ms latency. The next-generation 5G networks promise huge advances in the three areas of data rates, latency/reliability, and the number of devices per square kilometer. It's often referred to as the 5G Triangle, as shown below.

The 5G Triangle (Source: Bigstockphoto, Cadence)

Specifically, 5G will enable the following capabilities, as compared to the existing 4G networks:

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