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eMemory's 2nd Generation NeoMTP Enables a Wide Range of Power Management Applications on DB HiTek's BCD Process

Hsinchu, Taiwan -- August 7, 2018 – eMemory today announced that eMemory’s second generation NeoMTP, Multiple-Times-Programmable embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) IP, had been certified by DB HiTek (formerly known as Dongbu HiTek) for IC designs using 0.18μm Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) process technologies for power management applications. In fact, early adopters have successfully completed product tape out and are ready for mass production. The second generation NeoMTP features 40% reduction in unit memory cell size to enable chipmakers to target the growing demands of various power management applications while achieving sustainable cost competitiveness in the marketplace.

eMemory’s NeoMTP IP on DB HiTek’s BCD process implements unique features that enable chipmakers to store data (i.e. ROM code) and optimize circuits via parameter setting without the need for external memory device. The data can be programmed and erased up to a thousand times. These features can be used in the applications of firmware update for USB Type-C microcontrollers and performance optimization of wireless charging receivers or transmitters.

Additionally, the compact second generation NeoMTP can retain data for more than 10 years at 125 °C and operate in high temperature (150 °C) condition, satisfying the requirements and thermal constraints of automotive power management applications.

“Our 0.18μm BCD process can support wide range of power management applications and we expect this will provide great benefits for our mutual customers” said Benjamin Sun, VP of Marketing at DB HiTek. He also added that “By working closely with eMemory, we can ensure that our mutual customers can have the flexibility to program essential features and maximize the functionality of their ICs while minimizing cost.”

“We have a strong relationship with DB HiTek and proactively contribute to the development of reliable solutions that enable our mutual customers to enhance their product portfolio, accelerate the time to market, and capitalize on the growth of power management market” said Michael Ho, VP of Business Development at eMemory.

The announcement is the latest milestone in eMemory’s decade long collaboration with DB HiTek. In the past, DB HiTek had also certified eMemory’s NeoBit, One-Time-Programmable embedded NVM IP, for power management, display driver, and USB applications. The ongoing collaboration demonstrates both companies’ commitment to enabling cost-effective technological innovation.

About eMemory

eMemory (TPEX:3529) is a semiconductor IP provider specialized in embedded hard IP cores. Ranked as the world’s 7th largest silicon IP provider, eMemory has delivered best-in-class IP designs to over 1,300 foundries, IDMs and fabless companies globally since its establishment in 2000. The company has received TSMC’s “Best IP Partner Award” since its inception in 2010.

As a global leader in the eNVM (embedded Non-volatile Memory) market, eMemory provides patented eNVM solutions with the industry’s most comprehensive process technology coverage. The company also pioneers in providing the security IP core based on silicon biometrics.

eMemory’s eNVM IP offerings include one-time programmable memories (NeoBit/NeoFuse) and multi-time programmable memories (NeoMTP/NeoFlash/NeoEE). NeoPUF is the company’s proprietary security IP core.

For more information about eMemory, please visit www.ememory.com.tw.

About DB HiTek

DB HiTek Co., Ltd. specializes in superb analog and power processing technologies. The company adds high value to advanced ICs with a processing portfolio that encompasses BCDMOS, Mixed-Signal, High Voltage CMOS, CMOS Image Sensor, Embedded Flash, MEMS and SJ MOSFET technologies. With its best-in-class BCDMOS technology, the company manufactures power management chips that serve numerous applications ranging from consumer and communication electronics to automotive and industrial systems. Currently processing technologies at nodes ranging from 0.35 microns to 90 nanometers, the company complements its world class foundry capabilities with top quality design support including IP and design libraries, as well as process design kits and prototype verification. Headquartered in South Korea, DB HiTek publicly trades its stock under 000990 on the Korea Stock Exchange. DB HiTek was formerly known as Dongbu HiTek Co., Ltd. For more information, visit www.dbhitek.com

eMemory's 2nd Generation NeoMTP Enables a Wide Range of Power Management Applications on DB HiTek's BCD Process


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