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New 5G Hurdles

Aug. 01, 2018 – 

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to talk about challenges and progress in 5G with Yorgos Koutsoyannopoulos, president and CEO of Helic; Mike Fitton, senior director of strategic planning and business development at Achronix; Sarah Yost, senior product marketing manager at National Instruments; and Arvind Vel, director of product management at ANSYS. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. To view part one, click here.

SE: Can all of the complexity around 5G really be simulated and modeled? Is that possible?

Vel: Simulation of antennas is a known problem. You're basically following Maxwell's equations and you're trying to understand behavior when current is flowing through a conductor. As long as we're realistically solving that in the most efficient way, you can solve any electromagnetic induction problem. The only bottleneck is compute time. If you have a 64 x 64 combination, you have millions of possible combinations. You can use software to determine which are the most important, but not try to solve every single combination.

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