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Pros, Cons Of ML-Specific Chips

Jul. 27, 2018 – Semiconductor Engineering sat down with Rob Aitken, an Arm fellow; Raik Brinkmann, CEO of OneSpin Solutions; Patrick Soheili, vice president of business and corporate development at eSilicon; and Chris Rowen, CEO of Babblelabs. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. To view part one, click here. Part two is here.

SE: Is the industry's knowledge of machine learning keeping up with the pace of development?

Rowen: It's clear that more theories will help us understand what is really possible and some things about what kinds of network designs will be better than others. At the same time, many of our biggest technological advancements have been when deployments got well ahead of theories. We didn't develop the theory of thermodynamics so we could build steam engines. We built a lot of steam engines, and then said we need to understand them better. It's similar with airplanes versus aeronautics. It was at a later stage that we began looking at how to make this systematically good. It wasn't a matter of, 'Stop, let's wait for theory to catch up.'

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