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Design and Reuse (D&R) and Connor Consulting announce a joint initiative for providing new products and services for optimizing IP licensing compliance.

Design and Reuse (D&R), a leader in IP management platform, and Connor Consulting, an experienced IP compliance firm, offer innovative approaches for Tracking IP Usage for IP Licensors and Licensees

July 11th, 2018 - Grenoble (France), San Francisco (USA) – 

One consistent challenge faced by companies in the semiconductor industry is accurately tracking usage and payments on licensed IP. Without visibility in this area, licensors struggle to accurately forecast revenue, ensure contract compliance and obtain visibility into the market penetration for their IP. On the other side, IP Licensees badly need business visibility to take decision about IP licensing and impact on product cost. Fortunately, semiconductor industry companies now have support from innovative tools and service providers in addressing those challenges.

Tools available to IP licensors and licensees include the D&R IP Management platform, which tracks license fees, NRE expense, maintenance and support fees and royalties in records that can be shared by IP licensors and IP licensees. Utilizing that platform provides value to licensors by indexing their licensing data in a structured manner that can be utilized to provide business insights and management reports. For Licensees, report on IP tracing in their product and shipment data is mandatory in order to face any possible audit process. In addition, the platforms offer "tear sheet" generation summarizing and predicting IP licensing expenses per product, per licensors etc. For both a so called "Royalty Engine" uses an extensible "royalty functions library", an industry de facto standard to automatically compute due royalty based on shipment data.

Connor Consulting, a leading provider of contract compliance services with a specialty in the semiconductor industry, helping companies ensure compliance within their licensing activities. Connor supports companies throughout the semiconductor industry by performing continuous monitoring, data analytics and audits to ensure that royalties and license fees reported are accurate. Connor's deep knowledge of the semiconductor industry, data analytics skillset and team members in strategic locations such as Greater China, Korea, Japan, the US and targeted EMEA locations facilitates an efficient review process, highlighting findings and recommendations from an independent third party.

"Having the right tools and knowledgeable partners provides the required support to successfully manage your IP business . D&R and Connor Consulting are leaders in their respective fields, and can utilize their extensive industry knowledge to help your business."commented Gabriele Saucier CEO of D&R.

For further information or a demo of the D&R IP Management tool please contact Gabriele Saucier at gabriele.saucier@design-reuse.com.

To explore the value that Connor Consulting's experienced team can bring to your organization, please contact David Gettelman at david@connor-consulting.com or +1 408 497-0623.

About Design and Reuse

D&R was founded in 1997, the same year it launched its unique and renown IP web portal, www.design-reuse.com. D&R extended its scope by a companion site, www.design-reuse-embedded.com, for connecting system designers with vendors of subsystems, platforms, SoC Solutions... For 3 years a new extension, www.design-reuse.cn, holds a Market Place dedicated to the Mandarin speaking IP SoC community. D&R continues to maintain its focus on streamlining IP-based design with its Enterprise IP Management System (IPMS™), a next generation configurable Enterprise Java based platform offering the most innovative solution for internal and external IP management from design to reuse, to IP tracing in delivery and products etc... It includes unique powerful procurement features for external IPs (Finance reporting, Fee and royalty calculation).

About Connor Consulting

Connor Consulting is based on San Francisco, with offices around the globe. Connor has managed thousands of IP-related audits and have helped numerous companies collect lost revenue and improve their control environment and licensee reporting. Connor Consulting has global teams with an average experience of 10+ years that specialize in IP royalty audits, third party review, contract compliance, and software asset management and license compliance.


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