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Chip Industry Maps Heterogeneous Integration

Nicky Lu talks about ‘ubiquitous intelligence’

Junko Yoshida, EETimes
5/24/2018 00:01 AM EDT

TAIPEI — In 25 years, after Facebook, Google, and Amazon have marched toward global domination by designing their own chips, what will the semiconductor industry look like? In a way, we’ve seen that future, and it’s here. Big data analysis, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and autonomous vehicles have already emerged, although not yet in perfect form.

Nonetheless, most chip designers can’t even imagine that brave new world, let alone the inventions that they must fashion to stay relevant. A question that haunts designers is the sheer uncertainty of the industry’s direction. As Moore’s Law nears its “economic dead end” for most chip vendors (except giants like Intel and Samsung), is there somewhere else to turn?

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Chip Industry Maps Heterogeneous Integration


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