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Algo-Logic Systems Introduces Ultra-low-latency Tick-to-Trade System with Multi-leg Turbo Spreader

San Jose, California -- May 2nd, 2018 – Algo-Logic Systems introduces their Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) accelerated Tick-To-Trade (T2T) System with Turbo Spreader functionality for Futures and Options trading. The sub-microsecond futures and options trading solution is ideal for latency sensitive trading firms that need deterministic response times to capture market opportunities. The T2T System with Turbo Spreader is built using Algo-Logic’s internally developed, pre-built FPGA IP cores that significantly reduce time-to-market. Unlike other FPGA accelerated trading systems, Algo-Logic’s T2T System with Turbo Spreader also supports multiple new pre-built triggers for mass quote cancel and hedging as well as the ability to instantly modify order fields in FPGA Logic.

The world-class T2T system with Turbo Spreader can be used by traders and market makers to instantly react to new market opportunities by updating or cancelling quote orders based on latency sensitive market data. The system can also be used to quickly modify multi-leg of spreads and supplement existing complex trade strategies in host software with logic in FPGA hardware.

Deep sub-microsecond wire-to-wire latency is achieved by processing CME MDP 3.0 tick data on a 10 Gigabit/second (10G) Ethernet link by the integrated feed handler, building the CME Futures & Options (F&O) Order Book from incremental tick data, detecting trading opportunities, and placing trades in the form of FIX orders over the 10G TCP Endpoint in FPGA Logic. The system is implemented on a standard FPGA card that fits into a 1U rackmount server.

The T2T System with Turbo Spreader is seamlessly managed through software Application Programming Interface (API). A low latency C++ software API allows traders and market makers to specify trigger conditions and preload orders into the FPGA. Device parameters, system status, log messages, and event notifications can be monitored from a Graphical User Interface (GUI) or RESTful APIs.

Components of Algo-Logic’s T2T System with Turbo Spreader include:

Customizable Triggers in FPGA Logic:

About Algo-Logic Systems:

Algo-Logic Systems Inc., is the recognized leader of Gateware Defined Networking® products and solutions. Algo-Logic’s GDN runs on off-the shelf FPGA platforms. The pre-built applications include software APIs to make them easy to use and deploy. Price and availability: Available Now. Visit: www.algo-logic.com

Algo-Logic Systems Introduces Ultra-low-latency Tick-to-Trade System with Multi-leg Turbo Spreader


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