NetSpeed: Artificial Intelligence calls for Smart Interconnect

Apr. 18, 2018 – Artificial Intelligence based systems are driving a metamorphosis in computing, and consequently precipitating a large shift in SOC design. AI training is often done in the cloud and has requirements for handling huge amounts of data with forward and backward data connections. Inference usually occurs at the edge and must be power efficient and fast. Each of these imposes new requirements on computing systems. Training puts a premium on throughput and inference relies on low latency, especially for real time applications like ADAS.

To accommodate these new requirements, there are sweeping changes occurring in computational architectures. In much the same way that mini- and then micro- computers changed the landscape of computing, the changes necessitated to support AI will permanently alter how things are done.

The what and how of these changes was the topic of a presentation given by NetSpeed at the Linley Processor Conference on April 11th in Santa Clara. The presentation by Anush Mohandass, VP of Marketing at NetSpeed, discusses how a smart interconnect fabric helps to enable embedded AI applications. Their first point was that AI is making its way into a large and broad number of applications. These include vision, speech, forecasting, robotics and diagnostics, among others.
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