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eVaderis collaborates with Mentor on accelerating eMRAM IPs and Compilers development

Grenoble, France – 26 March 2018– eVaderis, the worldwide leader company offering innovative IP solutions based on new disruptive embedded NVM, has announced today that it has joined Mentor®, a Siemens Business’ OpenDoor® Program to build advanced design solutions for embedded non-volatile (NVM) MRAM technology.

Within this program, eVaderis collaborates with Mentor to offer best-in-class solutions for advanced embedded MRAM memory design trough the Analog FastSPICE™ (AFS) Platform. Embedded MRAM has been selected by major foundries for 2x nm nodes and below, bringing new capabilities and energy efficiency to battery-powered applications such as IoT, edge computing, AI, and wearable electronics.

MRAM is based on Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ), a new device in the semiconductor landscape. MTJ relies on spintronics physics, involving both electron spin and charge.

“The exotic nature of this device combined with disruptive architectures requires to work both on compact modeling and on simulator engine to simulate in a fast way, with good accuracies, multiple memory cuts or compiler products,” said Fabrice Bernard-Granger, Ph.D., COO of eVaderis. “eVaderis proprietary MTJ model will be co-optimized with AFS to speed-up simulations and generations of embedded MRAM IPs and compiler products with good accuracy. For eVaderis, this partnership is a key differentiator for delivering on-time, highly reliable and qualified embedded MRAM IP and compiler products.”


“For an IP company like eVaderis and for SoC/MCU developers, an accurate and efficient circuit simulator is key to optimized design margin and reduce time to market,” said Mick Tegethoff, Ph.D., director of AMS product management for Mentor, a Siemens Business. “We are glad we can support the circuit verification of eVaderis’ MRAM IP with our Analog FastSPICE via the OpenDoor program.”


Founded in 2014, eVaderis is the first company worldwide to offer innovative IP solutions based on new, disruptive embedded memory technologies including MRAM and RRAM. The company provides highly competitive products and design services to meet the challenges of producing advanced non-volatile memories, compilers, logic libraries and processor subsystems, paving the way for new chip design paradigms. eVaderis is a member of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ FDXcelerator™ Partner Program. For more information about the company and its products, please visit www.evaderis.com

eVaderis collaborates with Mentor on accelerating eMRAM IPs and Compilers development


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