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Flex Logix Co-Founder Cheng Wang Awarded Interconnect Patent For Tiling of eFPGA Cores to Create Wide Range of Larger eFPGA Arrays

Novel Interconnect Design Enables Scalable eFPGA Arrays Using Silicon Proven Cores

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – February 27, 2018 Flex Logix Technologies, Inc., the leading supplier of embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP and software, announced that an additional switch interconnect patent, U.S. Patent 9,906,225, was issued today to Flex Logix, naming its co-founder Cheng Wang as the inventor. This patent, which builds on another interconnect patent issued to Flex Logix in late 2017, highlights a breakthrough technology feature of the company’s EFLX platform, enabling the tiling of its EFLX 4K eFPGA core to create more than 50 different sized eFPGA arrays from 4K to 200K.

“Traditional interconnect technology used by our competition is not capable of achieving the silicon-proven scalability that this patent describes,” said Geoff Tate, CEO and co-founder of Flex Logix. “This is a major competitive advantage for our customers because not only do they want proven eFPGA IP in silicon, but they also want it in very different sizes. Only the EFLX platform has the scalability to deliver either a few thousand LUTs, a couple hundred thousand LUTs, or any size in between.”

The new patent enables a single eFPGA IP core, which is itself a complete eFPGA with programmable logic, interconnect and I/O ring, to be arrayed into a large number of arrays of customer-definable larger sizes. This is accomplished by implementing a top-layer mesh-like switch interconnect in the eFPGA core to provide connection between cores when abutted implementing a top-level interconnect that extends across arrays up to a certain maximum size (7x7 in the case of the EFLX4K, enabling a 200K LUT4 array).

About Flex Logix

eFPGA IP Cores

Flex Logix, founded in March 2014, provides solutions for reconfigurable RTL in chip and system designs using embedded FPGA IP cores and software. The company's technology platform delivers significant customer benefits by dramatically reducing design and manufacturing risks, accelerating technology roadmaps, and bringing greater flexibility to customers’ hardware. Flex Logix has secured approximately $13 million of venture backed capital, is headquartered in Mountain View, California and has sales rep offices in China, Europe, Israel, Japan, Taiwan and Texas. More information can be obtained at http://www.flex-logix.com.


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